PICA Gets a New Name and Brand

PICA began in 1974 as a joint project of several Providence churches and was named appropriately, at the time, “Providence Intown Churches Association.” Within the last few years the name was shortened to PICA. 

PICA recognized the organization has grown, developed, and changed over the years, the name “Providence Intown Churches Association” no longer represented the structure, the mission or the work of the organization. The name is not clear in describing the work of the organization that is mainly providing basic needs in food and housing support. 

The Need for a Name

PICA was looking to rebrand the organization through renaming, tagline development, and redeveloping the visual brand. PICA’s goal in this effort is to create an easily understood and clear brand that can act as a solid communications foundation for future work in fundraising and other communications efforts. 

The Process

Working closely with the Executive Director and Board of Directors, Providence Design, a Rhode Island based consultancy, renamed and developed the brand for the new “Better Lives RI. This process involved three phases. 

The first phasebrought together a key stakeholders for a facilitated meeting. The meeting focused on identifying and clarifying the naming and tagline possibilities through exercises that uncover the “essence” of the organization. The deliverables of this process were several possible names and taglines. 

In the second phaseProvidence Design took the material from the first meeting and develop some design possibilities. With those designs, the stakeholders met meet for another one-hour meeting to review these materials. The deliverables from this process will be a few design possibilities including names, taglines, and visual branding ideas. The review meeting included dialogue on what stakeholders felt were most representative and dynamic for the organization. 

The third phase of the process will be a refinement and finalizing of the naming and brand. 

This process included developing electronic versions of the brand that can be used in a variety of computer programs to create communications materials. 

“It was a fantastic process with very engaged, insightful and pleasant stakeholders. The success of this was made possible by everyone’s contributions,” said Colin Murphy of Providence Design